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John C. Li, MD, MD Fellow American College of Surgeons,
Fellow of the American Board of Otolaryngology  
Board Certified — Otolaryngology

A graduate of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Dr. Li completed his internship at Pennsylvania Hospital and his residency in Otolaryngology at Loyola University Medical Center and Hines Veterans Administration Hospital. Excellent training was obtained in all facets of Otolaryngology (ENT) including Sinus disease, Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatrics, Voice / Laryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. Dedicated experience in ear surgery was obtained at the Alaskan Native Medical Center in Anchorage Alaska, where chronic ear disease is prevalent among the Eskimos. Dr. Li also participated in the Visiting Doctors Program at the internationally renowned House Ear Institute in Los Angeles California. After graduation, he spent time visiting with, and learning from many prominent Neurotologists. Dr. Li was recruited in 1983 to the South Florida Area to replace a retiring Otologist.


Dr. Li is well trained in all aspects of Ear Nose and Throat problems. He fills the ENT needs of the local area to support the community. However, he is best known for his clinical work in Ear Diseases, Hearing Loss and Vertigo. Patients have been known to travel from various locations from around the country as well as around the world for consultation.

Dr. Li is quite active in the academic side of otology and neurotology.  He has authored or coauthored several chapters in ENT textbooks and over a dozen manuscripts in the medical literature.  He is also a Medical Illustrator. (see some of his illustrations here). Dr. Li, along with Dr. John Epley (the father of the Canalith Repositioning Procedure), both instructed (until Dr. Epley's retirement) the Canalith Repositioning Procedure course at the yearly American Academy Of Otolaryngology meetings.  He was also an instructor at the dizziness and balance course sponsored by the American Neurotologic Society, and an instructor at the International Center of Otologic Surgery, a temporal bone dissection course based in Savannah Georgia. He has been invited to teach at many ear surgery and vertigo courses throughout the country as well as internationally.

Dr. Li loves gadgets and inventions.  In order to treat certain types of vertigo, he built the multiaxial positioning device which facilitates the Canalith Repositioning Procedure.  He participated in think tank sessions for the development of the “Round Window micro-catheter” for the delivery of inner ear medication.  Along with the Anspach Corp. Dr. Li codeveloped a surgical drill that is used for ear surgery.  This drill, named Micromax, started as a concept in 1995.  It is now used by many of the major hospitals in the country. Dr. Li holds a patent for a balance forceplate that is used for Vestibular Rehabilitation.


Staying on the leading edge of technology, Dr. Li currently doing the following procedures:


Cyberknife for Skull based tumors and Acoustic Neuromas

Hearing Implant Systems: Envoy Esteem Totally Implantable Hearing Device, Cochlear Implants, BAHA, Sophono

Endoscopic Balloon dilation of Sinuses and Eustachian Tubes

Nasal Valve Surgery using Spirox Latera and / or Medtronics systems.






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